Why are you using C++?
The advantage of C++ is follows:

  1. You can abstract the code easily with -namespaces -classes -generics
  2. C++ has many compile-time features
  3. C++ can do as much as C and even more
  4. It has an extensive Standard library which guarantees optimal implementations of functions

Why can't you just help developing Linux?

  1. We are not dependent on the already existing source code which is anything but readable
  2. Since We are in an environment that's easily maintainable, bugs will be more easy to patch
  3. Since we are not dependent of Linus Torvalds, we can opt to add our own syscalls (the syscall to get the amount of free memory is a feature that is cried for by many devs since ages)

Why are you using fossil and not git?

  1. Because fossil is a self bundled, 1 file contains everything.
  2. It's close enough to git that people that came from that platform aren't lost.
  3. It favors smaller team which we prefer as it creates a good group cohesion.
  4. It works fully offline, meaning if you go offline you can see the wiki or the issue's that are assigned to you.